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Anguilla – Anguilla Great House Beach Resort – June 29th, 2019


How lucky am I? This is unbelievable!

As a young up-and-coming entrepreneur, first-time business owner, the thought of traveling with my services never crossed my mind, at least not for my first year of business. But that is exactly what happened.


The Consultation

Yes, technically this is not my first year in business, but after a huge move with a business that was barely a year old and having to start from scratch in a whole new market, I will consider it my first year. In May of 2018 I was contacted by my cousin who lives in the USA that her and her long-time partner were now officially engaged. I could not be happier for this news. But being a new business owner with a shop that was about to open I took the leap of faith and asked her if I could cater her desserts and wedding cake as well as the décor for both the dessert table and the wedding cake. After proving myself virtually she agreed, and I had officially booked my first ever wedding. She told me what her plan was, and we immediately began exchanging ideas, and earlier this year we settled on a final plan and I had to get to work with ordering EVERYTHING” and practice as well. Yes, I know how to decorate a cake and cookies, but this was my first time preparing for a wedding and I wanted it to be perfect. This was my cousin / big sister after all.


A Journey Begins

But this was not the best part. I would not only get exposure once I post all the footage locally for my business, but I was getting exposure on the beautiful island of Anguilla, and not to mention all the guests from St. Thomas, St. Maarten and the USA just to name a few. I had been planning for months and praying that everything would go smoothly with out any hitches, but we all know that is wishful thinking. Thank God I was always taught to be prepared for the unexpected. Just to name a few I dealt with a stove that didn’t work, faulty electricity, a car that died on me, missing the ferry and having a very small and cramped workspace. But I have learned through life to always roll with the punches and make changes and adjust when and where possible, so yes, some stuff fell through at the last minute, but I am still proud of the work that was presented in the end. And as I always say, “If my client is happy, then so am I”.


It’s Showtime

After overcoming all the obstacles and baking straight trough the night (I believe in always delivering my desserts as fresh as possible) I can confidently say that it was a great learning experience and one that I enjoyed. Even with all the obstacles I was able to finish everything on time, have the décor set from the night before, clients that were pleased and best of all I was relaxed enough to enjoy my cousin’s special day with her.


From the Heart

To Mr. & Mrs. Henley,

Heartfelt congratulations on your nuptials, and welcome to the family. It was a joy working with you every single step of the way. If there is ever a celebration that needs a sweet touch, I would be there in a heartbeat. I love you guys, and blessings on this new journey that you have begun together.

“My husband and I can absolutely positively recommend “Irresistible Desserts Weddings” services for any event. She made our unbelievably beautiful wedding cake that was suspended in air. She also created an awesome sweet (dessert) table of cupcakes and beautiful treats. Her work was talked about by everyone that attended our wedding. People took pictures by the cake because they were in awe. It’s very rare to see guests take pictures next to a wedding cake with the cake as the main attraction. Not only were the cakes & sweets beautiful, the taste was incredible!!!!! Coconut Pineapple, WOW!!! I had guests who baked all their lives ask me who made the cake, because it was so delicious.

Valerie & “Irresistible Desserts Weddings” thank you for making our wedding day even more memorable & special.”

          -Mr. & Mrs. Henley-       

Special Thanks

Accommodation, St. Maarten:

AirBNB - Perla Rombley Mardenborough

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Preferred Tours & Transfers SXM - Perla Rombley Mardenborough        


Accommodation, Anguilla:

AirBNB – Caroline Jill


Car Rental, Anguilla:

Andy’s Auto Rentals

Wedding Planner, Anguilla:

Couture Concepts Anguilla - Ernie Hodge

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Anguilla Great House Beach Resort

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